Potato Crispy Premium

Potato Crispy Premium

One of the most delicious food in the world is potato. I like potato. Especially potato crispy. I never make it by my self. There so many potato crispy that could be found in mini market nearby. It truly easy to get. Lucky me, my husband also like potato crispy. And he is often offer me to buy some snack. One day he directly took big potato crispy when we came into mini market. It is 200 gr. He offered me. Of course I will nod of that offering. 

Here is what is written on the snack pack.

Potato Flour
Vegetable Oil

potato Crispy suitable for daily consumption as a side dish or snack. Awesomeness of potatoes taste crackers are maknyos addictive. Crackers accompanied potatoes hang more exciting. Well, potato crispy blended with special seasonings and potato crispy certainly do not wear extra preservatives. Potato crispy taste quality that is world class to be one of the very popular snack. Potato crispy containing calcium, vitamin A & C is good for your health. Crackers potato ready. Crackers potato is the most appropriate option.

My husband told me that it is also written there 'premium'. "It is premium quality. Best quality." I think I will like to eat it fast. When we came home, we not immediately eat it. We are in full condition. We open it the day after. We eat it in snack time. Without any other snack. Also with not beverage except pure water. 

And it's taste really delicious. I ate that with all my wants. Then just few minutes.  Only eat that a little. Then I became full. I felt I could continue my snack time. I said to my husband that I am full. Then we keep the snack. I would like to eat it again later. 

The day after it, we eat it again in snack time. And I felt also it get easy to full. I like this potato crispy. Beside the flavor is delicious. It make full fast then I guess. About the test it is written that this snack that we bought, is  'Balado Flavor'. It is delicious. It is reasonable said as premium.

Then I felt full as fast. After that we keep the potato snack again. We will eat it the day after. It always like that until one week. After one week, we had eaten all the potato crispy. It is good to buy it again. It cost is only Rp 18.000. And the place to buy it is near to our house.

I think this snack is suitable to eat for group. May be wanna held a group gathering. Or may be for family gathering. I think when I meet my family. It is good to be the snack. But for traveling, may be its to big. Then may be it is suitable too for party. Such small party in home. 

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