First Impression about Tanjung Enim

This is my new journey. My new about here, Tanjung Enim. Actually I heard once the name Tanjung Enim when I was a student of university. I heard that from my friend. She came from Tanjung Enim. But she didn'n explain how is her life here. She only told about her family life. And I dids't ask her to for that time. I didn't ask how Tanjung Enim runs daily. Even I didn't imagine that Tanjung Enim is only a part of regency. I thought it is regency. 

Well, it is not. I just know about it from my husband. Tanjung Enim is located on Muara Enim regency, South Sumatera province. This is a small area of regency. But it has so busy people here. It is all because there is a coal mining here. It makes this place always shows much employee and big truck and bus. Also many dust here. And the weather truly hot. Then so many food seller here. My husband said it is because the mining employee maybe don't have time too cook. 

I saw many car here use flag. It is for sign in mining area. It is safety procedure. It felt this is unique. The cars often seen in the road. They come and go. And the cloth people use here. It seems that people do not care much about it. Some go to market with nightgown. Some just go everywhere with their mining helmet. With mining safety wear too of course. 

People here like plural people. It so many people from different province. It is not like South Sumatera truly. When I was student of university, I got practical experience studies at Musi Banyu Asin, South Sumatera too. But it is different here. Even the name of place here many use Java name, such as Tegal Rejo and Lawang Kidul. And people addressing young woman with "mbak". It is Javanese addressing way. South Sumatera has "ayuk" as word for adressing woman.

In here people still calling with "ayuk". But not all of them. Only some of people still use that. People seems friendly. People welcome other people from other province well. They easily change their language with linguafranca, bahasa Indonesia if they see someone looks like new or not from here. And they truly welcome other different people like they common with this. Maybe it because Tanjung Enim has been mining area since long time ago. It cause the people adapt that fast.

When I went to outdoor market. I saw that the sellers have flexibility too. They welcome people use linguafranca, bahasa Indonesia. The the unique too was when I saw there is a woman only buy truly little vegetable. It permitted here. People could buy only two tomatoes for example. And only buy  one cucumber. Could be like that. The most important is all the things are weighed and counted.

Then, I saw so many building here is made from one fund source. This is the mining company who made many building. They made masjid, school, hospital, sport center, orphan house, road, jogging track, garden, race circuit, and many others. It is said that all the building are social fund from the company. And that is the way how company gave the positive for their neighbor.  

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