Mie Celor Recipe

Since I moved to Tanjung Enim following my husband, I never eat bakso. Bakso is one of delicious food that I like to buy. In my hometown, bakso seller is truly near my house. And it's taste is truly delicious. Once my husband told that there is a delicious bakso too in Tanjung Enim. Not too far from our house. Maybe we can go there. Then, my husband get more and more busy. After he is not longer busy, there rain came. So that we could't go to the bakso seller.

One day, I and my mother chatting via hand phone. My mother told me about what she cooked. She cooked mie celor. Mie celor that she sold in years ago. She missed the taste. I actually miss that food too. Then I ask my mother to give me the recipe. I know the recipe maybe in several years ago. But now I forget. It also because I never made it.

I ask my husband if he want mie celor or not. He said he never tried it. But he want to try. Then I and my husband go to outdoor market. We buy the ingredient of mie celor. we buy everything that we need. I have made a note about the recipe. When I ask my mother, she gave it.

This is for two portion


bean sprout

Ingredient for broth:
2 garlics
5 red onions
1/2 nutmeg
3 dried shrimps
1 egg
brown sugar

How to make the broth:
blend all broth ingredient
stir fry the ingredient
add two glasses of water
add the egg and mix that
give salt
boil until a simmer.

Top Mie Celor:
Boiled egg
Fried tofu
Fried red onion
celery leaves
leeks leaves

How to serve Mie Celor:
Dish up noodle and bean sprout into serving bowl
pour the broth on the noodle and bean spout
Add topping

It is tasted really delicious. I like this mie celor. Next time I want to make it again. 

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