Indonesia Tourism: Bukiek Chinangkiek

Beautiful tourism in Indonesia

West Sumatra has been famous for its natural beauty. Various beautiful tourism are found there. I want to be able to visit all of them. My husband is from West Sumatra. He was precisely from Solok Regency. Solok Regency is a regency in the highlands. This Regency of course also has some excellent tourism. There are even very famous tourism, Lake Singkarak.

When I was in high school, I had a friend from West Sumatra. When Eid holidays she and her family went to West Sumatera. When school time was back, she came with many gift. One that she brought was a Bilih Fish. She told me, during his vacation she had the opportunity to tour Lake Singkarak. Bilih fish are fish that only live on Lake Singkarak. Bilih fish later became a gift from Lake Singkarak.

She told me about the excitement she and her family enjoyed the beauty of Lake Singkarak. They went on a raft together. From the story I was interested in visiting Lake Singkarak. This incident has been a long time. I also told my husband when we were going home to my husband's hometown. My husband said there was a new tourist spot near Lake Singkarak. The name of the tourism place is Bukik Chinangkiek. He wanted to take me to travel there. He said he had never been there either. So we would looking for the location using Google Map.

We went after Zuhur, the midday prayer. We ate first. After that we went. Looking on Google Map, the travel time from home to Bukik Chinangkiek is approximately 45 minutes. From Talang in Solok to get to Bukik Chinangkiek via Solok City. I just understood that Solok City is a different area from Solok Regency. So there is such a thing as Solok district and Solok City. Bukik Chinangkiek's location is not far from Solok City.

The road to Bukik Chinangkiek is the main road. Finding this tourist location with Google Map is easy. It's just not visible public transportation that crossed this line. If you want to travel to Bukik Chinangkiek it seems you have to use a private vehicle. At the intersection to the tourist sites there are already several people who stand bye. They directed visitors who want to travel to Bukik Chinangkiek.

From this intersection, just stay straight. On either side of the road lay vast rice fields that make nature look so beautiful. Bukik Chinangkiek have also been seen. Before entering the area, there were more people who came. They are young women holding tickets. The price of admission is IDR 15,000 / person. Plus a motorcycle parking fee of IDR 5,000.

The ramp to the sites is quite high. There are several crossroads. But there were officers who direct the route. We then arrived at the site. Very large parking area. Looking from this parking area, it was clear that this tour is trully new. The parking lot is still ground. There were some cars belonging to the Bukik Chinangkiek tourist spot. Cars that offer services to transport visitors to get around it. Then there is also a bus owned by Bukik Chinangkiek.

We entered a restaurant. The restaurant was crowded. The restaurant was spacious. There was a stage where live music. There were many places to sit there. Then next to the restaurant was a photo booth. Entrance fee to the area of the photos was Rp. 5,000 / person. We entered  the area of the photographs. There was a photo spot with a balloon-shaped building. There were also photo spots with boat-shaped buildings.

From this photo area visitors could enjoy the amazing natural scenery. Here you could see Lake Singkarak so beautiful. The lake surrounded by mountains. Also visible expanse of rice fields. While breathing very cool air. Enjoyed the natural cold on the hill. I felt like I could stay there for long time. Only then it rained. We pulled over. The photos that can be taken are finally only a few.

In Bukik Chinangkiek, there is also a water park and a swimming pool. There is a garden where you can rest. There is a playground. There are several cafes and restaurants. There is an out bond area. There is a flying fox. There is a tree house. There is a children's play area in the form of toy cars. 

There is also a bicycle play area. There is a wooden house resort villa. There are several broad fields. Bukik Chinangkiek area is very broad. Then of course the beautiful views of Lake Singkarak, the mountains, the hills and the rice fields. But riding this Biang Lala I did not feel good. I felt dizziness also horrified.

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